Specialty Items

Specialty Items:  Coat Racks, Walking Sticks,  Wood burned Wall Plaques

These items were things that we have built and sold in the past.  They represent our beginnings.  Some of these items were one of a kind and we may not be able to make another one to like the one you want, but we can come close or make something like it, but for local east Texas sales only.

This is a one of a kind wood burned wall plaque.  I made it to see what it would look like.  It was fun doing it. It was one of my first projects, but time wise it took a lot longer to build than I could afford to lose.  The cost of the labor and material makes it to expensive for me to make.  If someone ordered it, I would make it, but I would have to charge at least $180.00 for it.

Cedar Coat Rack (One of kind) No longer in stock.
Cedar Shelf Coat Rack (One of a Kind) No longer in stock.
Cedar, live edged, shelf Coat Rack. $70.00
Whimsical Spoon Coat Rack – $25.00
Decorative Coat Rack – $12.00
Cedar Shelf Coat Rack – $80.00
Cedar, live edge, shelf Coat Rack $70.00
Cedar live edge western Style coat rack (No longer building).



All of our walking sticks are $22.00 + tax.