Cabinets, Bookcases and More

Cabinets, Bookcases, Jelly Cabinets, Corner Cabinets, Coffee Cabinets, Vanity Cabinets

We built all these items according to our customers specifications.  We do not carry any of these items in stock.  When we receive an order we build it.  You may not want yours like the ones we have below, so tell us how you would like yours and we will do our best to build it.  Price depends upon size, cost of material, and labor involved.

Rustic style jelly cabinet made from aged fencing slats.


Six foot rustic style Jelly Cabinet – Chicken wire doors. We would build and sell a cabinet like this for $260.00 plus tax.
Jelly Cabinet – Chicken wire doors
We custom made this rustic style five foot Jelly Cabinet with tin doors. The old tin on the doors was provided for us by the customer. Our old tin is in short supply, so anyone wanting one like this would have to provide their own tin.
Jelly Cabinet made with tin doors
Another custom made Jelly Cabinet with doors made with chicken wire.  This one would also sell for $250.00
Jelly Cabinet made with chicken wire doors

Rustic style corner cabinet. We made this with a single solid door. We make our cabinets with light cedar wood.
Bathroom vanity cabinet designed specifically to fit in a 29″ wide space.  We make these according to each customers specifications, both color and size.    We sell a bathroom vanity like this for $180.00.


This is a six foot corner cabinet that has two shelves at the bottom with a chicken wire door and three shelves at the top. We sell one like this for $165.00
This is a rustic style coffee cabinet made with chicken wire doors. We sell a cabinet like this for $225.00 plus tax.