Carol’s Creations

Carols Creations

Be sure and check out our Seasonal Items Page which is also Carol’s creations.

            This is a page dedicated to Carol’s craft creations.   We started our wood working business as Dave and Carol’s Woodcrafts.   We would build a lot of small things and then take them and sell them at one of the festivals in one of the small towns around our area.  We would set up a booth and spend our weekend selling our products.  The picture below was taken at Huntsville, Texas at the Christmas on the Square Festival.

All the items below are Carol’s creations.  We don’t have very many left in stock, but if you would like to have one of these items below, give us a call or email us and she will let you know if we have one in stock or if she can make it for you.   Call 936 225 5520 or 936 655 2780 or you can email us at

Item No. 138 Burlap covered sign. “Faith, Hope, and Love”
Item No. 126 Wooden sign – Faith, Hope, and Love

If you live in or around east Texas and would one of these, Carol would love to make one of these beautiful plaques for you.  We sell these decorative Faith, Hope, and Love plaques for only $35.00 + tax.

Item No. 8
Item No. 22
Item No. 36
Item No. 35









If you live in east Texas and would like to have one of these items above we would be happy to make it for you.  The price for each one of the first three items is $30.00 + tax.  The price on the “Anchor in Jesus” plaque is $18.00 + tax.

Item No. 25

Carol tried her painting skills with this picture of two doves with a blue background.  $20.00 + tax

Item No. 39

We have made a few of these Love plaques and they went real fast.   If you are in east Texas and are looking for one, you can get yours today for just $38.00 + tax.

Item No. 92

Item No. 91

We sell the small plaques above for $12.00.  We can make them in any color that you choose.

Item No. 127 a
Item No. 127 b
Item No. 127 c
Item No. 127 d
Item No. 127 e
Item No. 127 f
Item No. 127 g
Item No. 127 h
Item No. 141
Item No. 140

Cute little Love signs.  $10.00

Item No. 137 $15.00
Item No. 136 $12.00


Item No. 61
Item No. 60
Item No. 59
Item No. 58
Item No. 57