Country Rustic Kitchen Island

Our custom made country style Kitchen Island – 6ft x 3ft Opens only on one side. The price of our islands depends upon the size, material, and labor involved.

Rustic Style Baby Bed

This rustic style baby bed was a first for us.  I had never made one before.  Come to think of it, I had never made many of the items we have made before.  Anyway, I made this one so the front part could be taken off after the baby no longer needed it and the back can be used as a queen sized headboard.

Big Bar

We made this bar out of cedar fence slats.  We needed to make it light enough we could move it.  It was my first ever.  It was fun building it.  Lot’s of storage underneath and four drawers.

Table Top Cover

This is a table top cover that I made to order.  I had to make it with a lip so it would set down snug over the top of another table without sliding or hurting the top of the original table.   It lifts off and on.  The original table was French style, but the customer wanted to make it country style, but she did not want to mess up the original top.  You can see the tables and benches that we have built in the past by clicking on the Tables page.

God Bless the USA

This was a big wood burning project for me.  It took me a lot of hours to do it, so it is not profitable for me as a business to make another one because I cannot sell them for what I would have to in order to make a profit, nor can I make them fast enough, as I burn the wood by a cheap set of wood burning tools that don’t last.  But I love the finished result anyway.