Birdhouses and Martin Birdhouses

Birdhouses Big and Small

Below you will see birdhouses that we have built and sold in the past.  We can make your birdhouse just like one of these below.  To order your custom made birdhouse today, call 936 225 5520 or936 204 4791 or email us at

The price for this model is $175.00 plus tax.

This is our deluxe model 22 room Martin Colony Birdhouse. We built it so the sides and the ends open up for easy clean out. We put screened in air vent holes in the top attic area for air circulation. This model is built with a collar that slides over the top of a 4×4 treated post for easy install as is demonstrated in the picture below. We do not provide the 4×4 post.

This is our 14 room Martin Colony Birdhouse.  It is built to set on and be attached to a wood or metal plate on top of a pole.   This model is also made so that the sides and the ends open up for easy cleanout.   Our price for this one is $120.00 plus tax.

14 room Martin Bird Barn Motel Birdhouse.  Both sides open up for yearly clean out and it has a plate on the bottom that can be easily attached to a plate on top of a pole.  One of a kind and discontinued.

This is our camouflage boot birdhouse.  We have assembled it with a hanging chain.

Six room Church Birdhouse. Each room is separate and each hole has a roost.

These small two room birdhouses come with their own hanging chains and bird roost on each end.  We sell these for $35.00 plus tax.

This is a small decorative birdhouse that Carol put together. It turned out real cute and sold real fast. $30.00 plus tax.

Here is another of Carol’s creations.  It also sold very quickly.  Check out the shingled roof.  $30.00 plus tax.

This barn red chicken coop style birdhouse comes with hanging chain and bird roost.   This one sells for $38.00 + tax.

This is also one of Carol’s whimsical creations.  It is our one room shingled top cowboy birdhouse.  It comes with a bird perch on each end and a front porch.